We are a brand
marketing agency.

TWIO is a brand marketing agency. This means we are focused on understanding your business strategy, which in turn supports the design of a solid brand strategy.

From there, we bring strategy to life through creative, storytelling, content creation, web development, digital marketing and event production.

In 1998, Bill Cutting founded TWIO with roots
in traditional advertising and a focus on new needs — brand strategy + website development. Bill recognized that most ad agencies chose to solve business challenges by throwing creative at the wall and hoping it stuck. And while great creative is instrumental in activating great brands, TWIO
does not like to guess. This is where qualitative and quantitative research come into play, providing substantive data to make informed choices.

TWIO’s approach is to deeply understand the business strategy from the outset, and then keep it top of mind in the brand building process.

From that discovery process, a solid brand strategy and positioning come alive through creative storytelling. It is how TWIO was built, and it is how we partner with you to deepen relationships and emotional connections with your B2B and B2C customers, your employees and your digital world.

Since 1998, TWIO is honored to support your business journey and bring your strategy to life.
Since our start in 1998, TWIO has continually refined our project processes with a laser focus on delivering to meet client business objectives. And while every client engagement is different, TWIO’s experience, skills, attention to detail and processes help to get things across the finish line on time and on budget. This makes value visible. This is how we bring strategy to life.
After meeting with clients to determine the goals for their brand development, we then skillfully and effectively conduct external interviews with clientele, colleagues, and those in the industry who know them best.

By speaking to a diverse array of external interviewees, we are able to get a more holistic picture of how an organization operates, including its strengths and areas that can be improved. These external interviews are generally 15-30 minutes, conducted over the phone.
Quantitative Surveying2/5
To further bolster the qualitative research, TWIO offers a full suite of survey methodologies to provide statistically valid data. For most brand projects, we’re using Quant + Brand Perception Mapping studies. For product development brand projects, we often employ Conjoint Analysis:
  • Quantitative Surveys
  • Brand Perception Mapping
  • Conjoint Analysis
Verbal Brand Report3/5
After carrying out a thorough research process — the components of which vary from client to client —we aggregate our findings into a verbal brand report. This presentation serves as the initial brand foundation document. It includes an overview of project objectives, external and internal qualitative and quantitative findings, a current situation analysis and key brand elements. This presentation serves as the basis for a client’s revitalized verbal brand and functions as a comprehensive roadmap, driving all subsequent brand work.
Brand Storybook4/5
The next step in the brand-building process is developing a brand storybook. This document is utilized mostly internally to make sure all employees and stakeholders at a given organization are aligned in a) their perception of the brand and b) the story they tell about the brand.

The brand storybook draws key verbal elements from the brand report, but it also incorporates visual brand standards such as logo system, colors, unacceptable usages, and typography.
A look back at the journey we’ve taken together, this stage allows us to review our performance, address key learnings and identify opportunities where we can create greater impact and amplify your brand to meet your strategic objectives.
No matter the brand marketing task — big or small — TWIO has the experience, skills and desire to make your strategy come to life. For almost 23 years, we have crafted our art and fine-tuned our techniques to be pretty damn good at what we do. Listed below is what we focus on and do really, really well.

Brand Management
Website Development
Content Production
Digital Marketing
Event Management

The Team

We are a team of talented people with diverse skills. Together we develop solid strategies, compelling stories and engaging design that solve your business problems.


TWIO is a brand marketing agency. This means that first and foremost, we understand your business strategy, which supports the design of a solid brand strategy. From there, we bring your brand to life through creative, storytelling, content creation, web development, and digital marketing.

Our Services

We insist on owning the tools to quickly push digital innovations. Below is a list of the tools we have on hand.
Brand Management
Brand + Market Research
Discovery Session
Internal Interviews
External Interviews
Qualitative + Quantitative Surveying
Analysis + Reporting Writing
Brand Strategy Articulation Mission - Vision - Values
Messaging Map
Company + Product Naming
Sales Effectiveness
Lead Generation + Demand Management
Graphic Design
Campaign Design
UI / UX Design
Visual Identity / Logos
Graphic Standards
Brand Storybook Design
Business Paper Design (Digital + Print)
Collateral System Design
Ad Design
Packaging Design
Environmental / Signage Design
Website Development
Project Management
Design Documentation
Site Architecture
UI/UX Design
Diverse Tech Stacks
Content Management Systems
Testing + Usability
ADA Compliance
API Integration
SEO + Analytics Suite Configuration
Content Production
Content Hub Management
Press Releases + Editorial
Video Production + Editing
Photography Production + Editing
Digital Magazines
Social Media Content
Email Content
Web Content
Digital Marketing
Full Service Social Media Program Management
Content Strategy Management
Publishing Schedule
Overall Monitoring
Engaging Protocols
Content Hub & Online Shared Drive Management
Advertising Program Management Advertising Budget Management Search + Social Advertising
Creative Comprehensive Monthly Summary
Email Account Management
Event Management
Promotional Merchandise
Trade Show Items
Digital Promotion and Marketing Materials
Literature and Printed Materials
Post-Event Evaluation