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KORU Medical Systems manufactures the essential subcutaneous home infusion pumps that deliver immunoglobulin to patients with primary immunodeficiency diseases and Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinating Polyneuropathy on a national and international scale. TWIO has been working in partnership with KORU since (early 2020) on ongoing marketing and brand efforts for the organization.

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For our ongoing work with KORU, we have had a diverse array of tasks to tackle—each requiring TWIO to have a depth of understanding for the organization and its objectives. 

Each of the many projects we’ve done for KORU have had unique objectives and required specific TWIO teams to come together and lend a hand. But the common thread of each is this: the TWIO team leverages our dynamic skill sets to execute on each objective set forth by the client.

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We began our partnership with KORU by conducting a comprehensive research process with the objective of building a revitalized KORU brand (distinct from the former RMS). This process entailed interviewing both internal and external constituents to form a well-rounded understanding of KORU, its strengths, and its opportunities for growth. Additionally, we employed rigorous quantitative analysis and used Qualtrics software to come to a naming decision.

Next, our design team went to work developing new logos and visual brand standards that aligned well with the verbal brand. Our web team also went to work revamping a website according to the newly developed brand standards, with fresh logos, imagery, and language. 

Additionally, our digital team collaborated and continues to collaborate with KORU’s in-house marketing team to roll out social media campaigns across Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn that resonate with the correct target audiences. The digital team also provides expertise in publishing schedules and understanding market analytics.

In (February 12, 2020) we helped KORU put on a weekend-long celebration marking the uplisting of the company to the NASDAQ. This project required excellent project management, planning, and logistics, as well as on-site support. We provided the KORU team a comprehensive suite of services for this event, including event planning, program and messaging concepting, speech/remarks collaboration, video, photography and social media planning, public relations planning, and much more.

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Our commitment to understanding KORU and the competitive marketplace as well as creating a brand voice that augments KORU’s strength has allowed us to continue to develop effective marketing strategies.

By conducting the initial brand process and subsequently producing a verbal brand report and a brand storybook—both of which are rigorous analyses and foundational brand articulation documents—our team developed a strong sense for both KORU and the role the organization plays within the marketplace.

Once TWIO merged the verbal and visual, all subsequent marketing strategies have reflected, and continue to reflect, this language and imagery. We continue to develop web content and resource hubs to maintain KORU’s position as a patient-centric organization and a thought leader.We continue to aid KORU in day to day operations across a full suite of services by relying on excellent project management, frequent client meetings, and in-depth reporting. Strong communication and collaboration is the cornerstone of our partnership with KORU.

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