Small Wins

Thought Leadership
Josh Footer
March 24, 2022

Small wins. They are really important. 

I’m a baseball guy so the fact that baseball is back for the 2022 season is a small win in my life. My son, Jack, geeks out on baseball, on the stats, on the nuances, the intricacies and most importantly, the smells of a ballpark. Doesn’t matter if it is a major league stadium or minor league park in small-town America. They’ve got that smell. Fresh Cut Grass, Hot Dogs, Peanuts, Stale Beer. And that’s a small win. We share a love of baseball and going to
games together. As a dad, that’s a small win.

Tony Gwynn, aka Mr. Padre, played his whole career for one team (San Diego Padres). He was a 15-time All-Star, 1st ballot Hall of Famer and had a legendary career, basically as a singles-hitter. A single in baseball for the uninitiated, is a small win. 

I like to tell the TWIO team that you can make a career out of hitting singles. You can, in fact, be a Hall of Famer, by hitting singles. For how TWIO does business, that translates to a focus on small wins. Small wins add up to successes. Successes add up to a thriving business that supports 13 people and their families.

Write a kick-ass meeting conference report that gives your team the needed information to deliver well for the client … small win. Think proactively and solve a problem for a client before they even know it is a problem … small win. Act like a professional, even when something doesn’t go your way in spite of your best efforts … small win.

The point being, you don’t have to swing for the fences all the time. In fact, situational baseball, moving the runners along, often proves hugely successful. YES the MoneyBall people tell you that the home run rules, even when striking out dozens and dozens of times. But for a business like TWIO, we’ve had 24 years of success from hitting singles. 

In order to win the Division (or at least nab that last Wild Card spot), we’ve added some power hitters to our line up — in creative, in brand strategy, in digital, in project management. We’ve focused the past few years on reimagining our processes, to deliver a series of small wins, which in turn are setting us up for the Long Ball or at least a Longer Run.

TWIO is doing great work because of our people, our clients and a trust that has been built on a foundation of small wins. A hard learned process, one driven and mandated by our team, is at the root of how we do business. TWIO is all about the ability to change, to acknowledge one’s own shortcomings and always learning how to be better. 

Moving forward, we’re going to do our best to mix in some doubles, triples and Earl Weaver’s favorite … the three-run HOMER.

But candidly, we’re always going for that opposite-field single. Small wins.