Women to Women


In 2017, Blizzard-Tecnica launched its new Women to Women initiative. They are one of the few alpine ski brands that has fully committed to a dedicated women’s ski and boot collection, not simply “shrinking and pinking,” but investing in entire lines of ski and boot molds for women. TWIO was tasked with implementing a social media content and publishing strategy — all in line with the Blizzard-Tecnica brand strategy — to develop product awareness, attract and retain a loyal community of women consumers in North America and Europe via targeted ads in native languages. However, this had to be done with a smaller-than-ideal budget.

In 2017, TWIO kicked off a global social ad campaign built on the foundation of brand, community, and sharing valuable content to answer why the product helps women ski better and enjoy a better life. The campaign grew the women’s social media audience by 22%. In 2018, the business objective pivoted. Goal 1: drive traffic to the newly launched microsite. Goal 2: increase the fan community.

In 2018, TWIO drove serious traffic to the womentowomenski.com site. 54% of traffic came from TWIO’s social media efforts. In two years, the women’s audience increased 28%. Through a combination of ads and storytelling, TWIO built a truly authentic community of brand loyal fans / consumers and helped Blizzard-Tecnica achieve its business objectives.

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