The Sinclair Oil Company was founded in 1916 in Independence, Kansas, birthplace of founder Harry Sinclair. For half a century thereafter, the company grew to become one of America’s largest, most recognized petroleum companies. Symbolized by the universally recognized and revered dinosaur symbol, the company has stood alone among integrated oil companies as being 100 percent American-owned and managed. Friendly, approachable and dependable, Sinclair has been a fixture in hometowns large and small across the nation’s heartland. Realizing that its brand needed a facelift, especially via its network of distributor-operated retail facilities, Sinclair management turned to TWIO Brand for assistance. Their business objectives were to evolve the corporate identity, communicate quality, Americana, and community, as well as implement internal communications.

Through an intensive brand study, TWIO provided Sinclair with a verbal identity (mission, vision, values, positioning, value proposition, brand mantra and tagline), a contemporary visual identity (symbols, typography, color palette, imagery, usage guidelines) and a comprehensive brand strategy via activation (facility design, marketing, web/Internet, communications, merchandising and programs). The biggest element of the project was the graphic redesign of the company’s retail stations.

A “refreshed” brand that projected Americana and proudly displayed the familiar green dinosaur in a new light. Plus, we got to design and build some sweet new looking gas stations which was really cool and fun.

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