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SeaSucker, a Florida-based designer and manufacturer of kick-ass car racks, marine accessories, and mounts for small electronics using vacuum suction technology, was growing too big for its home-grown e-commerce website. The site was out of date with a confusing interface that led to high bounce rates. As a business that positioned itself as a forward-thinking brand that made innovative, lightweight and insanely strong bike racks and other vacuum mounts, it became apparently clear it needed a website facelift. SeaSucker needed to pair its tech and image, at least digitally. With so many competitors in the car rack space, but few with vacuum tech, the company had to invest in a website that was user friendly, reinforced the brand and ultimately helped SeaSucker steal market share from some of the larger car rack companies.


TWIO started with reskinning, but ultimately rebuilt the website to achieve an easy-buying experience. The goal of the UI and interactive design was that any page was just two clicks away from the ability to purchase. TWIO’s design team used inspiration from non-endemic brands and endemic brands alike to dial in a sweet design interface and user experience. The ultimate goal was to connect with the user, make their experience positive and sell a sh*t-ton of product.


Since launching the site in November 2018, the year-over-year conversion rate is up 65%. Not too bad … take a look for yourself at

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