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Partnering with PGT for over 6 years, TWIO has translated their 40+ years of history into a modern brand informed by their audience and organizational goals. Acting as an extension of their marketing team, we have developed logotypes and defined their visual brand, led ad campaign development, brought to life corporate goals through a new website, and continue to expand their reach through SEO integration and ongoing marketing efforts.

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TWIO has evolved the PGT look and feel a few times during our partnership. The most recent included an introduction of key design elements to draw attention, highlight key points, and connect to the new mantra of PGT Trucking: The Future of Flatbed.

  • Future of Flatbed Logotype — an added logo element used in cases promoting transportation sustainability and innovation
  • Logo Container — adds emphasis to and draws out the company logo
  • Future of Flatbed Scope — highlights a headline or key message, tying back to the Future of Flatbed logotype
  • Bright Design — brightness adds to the tech-forward feel

With an enhanced focus on innovation in transportation and the Future of Flatbed, PGT enlisted TWIO to align their digital presence to this initiative.

Informed by competitive and SEO research, we reimagined their sitemap, dividing out each target audience’s journey — drivers, clients, corporate employees. With each audience came user-specific wireframes, outlining content hierarchy and module use / functionality. Taking PGT-crafted content, TWIO edited and optimized each section for SEO.

Then came time to make it pretty. Integrating elements of the Future of Flatbed, bold B&W imagery mixed with vibrant videography, and custom iconography, we brought PGT’s digital presence into a modern light.

Today, we continue to expand PGT’s SEO footprint, maintain their site, and grow the site to match new initiatives.


Continuing on the Future of Flatbed initiative, PGT decided it was time to revamp their office space and driver training facility. They came to us with the idea for a multi-wall mural installation that melds their history with their drive for innovation. Through use of B&W imagery, bold statements, and custom illustrations we achieved just that. During this project, TWIO provided the creative direction for each mural, sourced a vendor, and managed installation timelines.


Acting as a true partner for PGT Services, we collaborate weekly on marketing projects across the board — from print and digital ads, to print recruiting collateral and trade show booths, to a bi-yearly digital magazine design and quarterly billboards, to everything in-between. Continue scrolling to explore a few highlights!

“PGT Trucking has worked closely with TWIO over the last five years to build and support our brand. From the very beginning, I was impressed by their professionalism and dedication to understanding PGT’s business needs. They have been integral in content creation, website design, video production and so much more. Any request we’ve made – large or small – the TWIO team delivered. They have been a true partner in our branding success!”

Katie Irvine

PGT Trucking Communications & Media Director