TWIO began working with EMSAR during the spring of 2019. We were tasked with creating a new overarching brand encompassing two smaller field service solutions companies, the former CSA Service Solutions and EMSAR. TWIO’s work for EMSAR is ongoing and has included generating visual and verbal brand identities, launching a new website, developing collateral pieces, email marketing campaigns and sales process consulting. Full-service integrated digital marketing is on tap as well.

The challenge here was revamping EMSAR’s marketing materials to reflect CSA and EMSAR coming together and combining their unique resources as a single organization. We needed the marketing material to portray EMSAR as a total field service solutions company that manages, maintains, repairs, and installs mission critical and life saving equipment across a diverse set of industries, including healthcare, laboratories, kiosk, power and security. When approaching the verbal brand identity development, we had to tackle the challenge of retaining core parts of each individual organization’s culture while reimagining them together as a single entity. With the web and content development that followed, we had the task of figuring out how to visually represent EMSAR as a new, overarching organization and position it as both an industry leader and a beacon of professionalism, along with more than 25 years of institutional expertise.

The TWIO team came together and our dynamic group of problem-solvers collaborated on the best ways to establish the new EMSAR brand. Our project managers kept us on-task and organized as we worked closely with the client to develop a brand that resonated with both internal and external constituents. Our content creators carefully chose brand language that adequately reflected EMSAR’s uniqueness as an organization with best-in-class services and a family-oriented culture. Our designers set to work creating a clean cut, modern look for the website and collateral materials.

Through teamwork and constant collaboration with the client, we were able to reimagine the new overarching brand, EMSAR. We developed a brand storybook that reflects EMSAR as a total service solutions organization driven by client-focus, cutting-edge technology, and unparalleled professionalism. Throughout this process, brand language was a driving force. The mantra, Depend on Experience. Depend on Precision. Depend on Technology. can be found throughout EMSAR marketing materials. 100% devoted to service is also a key tagline associated with the EMSAR brand. After establishing a clearly-defined verbal brand identity, we set to work creating a website that contained pertinent practical information regarding EMSAR’s service offerings without obscuring the core verbal and visual elements of the brand. We have subsequently generated ongoing email campaigns and collateral materials, and everything we produce for EMSAR is guided by the brand standards we defined from the outset.

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