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When it comes to large-scale projects and collaborating with multiple clients on a single objective, TWIO has a breadth of experience. For instance, TWIO recently took on a six-month project for the Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA) International conference. The TWIO team initiated numerous efforts as part of this project, including facilitating a philanthropic event in collaboration with Volunteers of America at the Cornerstone Partners’ shared booth. This case study breaks down our work for the Cornerstone Partners at the BOMA tradeshow and showcases our unique approach to any project—big or small.

For the annual BOMA International conference, TWIO worked closely with some of the biggest names in commercial real estate known collectively as the Cornerstone Partners, which include Allied Universal®, Comcast Business, Kimberly-Clark Professional™, Kings III Emergency Communications, The Home Depot®, thyssenkrupp, Trane, and Yardi. TWIO was tasked with designing and implementing a trade show booth that represented these companies coming together to support the BOMA membership in a meaningful way. The challenge here was harnessing each company’s unique vision into a shared booth known as the Cornerstone Partner Pavilion. Additionally, TWIO tackled the goal of increasing the number of booth attendees from last year’s conference.

TWIO tailors each project to the unique needs of our diverse clients. For every client we take on, the TWIO team situates the client’s brand vision at the forefront of our work and strategy to achieve the client’s business objectives. We have established research-based and time-tested processes to get to know the companies we are working with in order to best execute on a joint vision. Our project coordinators, brand strategists, and creatives work as a team to combine TWIO’s knowledge with the vision of our clients—in this case, the Cornerstone Partners—in order to come up with creative design solutions.

Thanks to TWIO’s commitment to client vision and our design innovation, TWIO was able to pull off a successful philanthropic event at the Cornerstone Partner Pavilion. TWIO conducted multiple meetings with each client to understand their unique ideas and then worked collaboratively to channel these ideas into a single design for a shared booth. Additionally, TWIO brainstormed unconventional ways to simultaneously drive up traffic at the booth and generate a meaningful event for the community. The pavilion TWIO designed as well as the event we coordinated will impact thousands of homeless women in Salt Lake City. The story below details the arc of our work on this project and explains how we went from idea, to process, to implementation.

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“It’s about taking what you view as a traditional trade show space and turning it into something more meaningful to the attendees and beneficial to the community. We took money that would normally be spent on shipping, construction and labor—traditional trade show expenses—and reallocated it in a more impactful way.”

- Alan Stein

The idea for the Cornerstone Partner Pavilion philanthropy effort evolved this past January when Alan Stein—Managing Partner at TWIO Brand—was at the Cornerstone Partner Retreat. Stein and a fellow Cornerstone Partner were discussing a way to reenvision the space and decided to use it for a collaborative effort to combat homelessness, which is an issue that directly impacts the commercial real estate community.

Over the course of the next few months, the TWIO team worked together with the Cornerstone Partners to bring the vision to life. The result was a plan for a space that could accommodate the assembling of over 2,500 toiletry kits for homeless women to be distributed by Volunteers of America.

After honing in on the Cornerstone Partners’ vision for the event, TWIO designers went to work mocking up multiple designs to create the perfect booth. Once these designs were approved by the client, TWIO orchestrated and implemented the designs to be ready for the day of the show. TWIO Project Coordinator Anna Neste worked closely with Volunteers of America to determine the appropriate products for the womens’ toiletry kits.

Thanks to the team’s conceptual and design ingenuity, TWIO was able to increase the number of Cornerstone Partner Pavilion attendees from last year by 800% and drive a volunteer effort that had a tangible impact in the immediate future.

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