Working From Home Best Practices
March 26, 2020

Working from home might be a new thing for you. As we do it frequently, here are some best practices for feeling good and being productive while working from home:

1. Keep Your Normal Routine: Wake up at the same time you would if you were planning to go into your office for a normal day of work. Cook up your normal, healthy breakfast and favorite coffee and start your day on the same time frame, with the same mindset you always do.

2. Dress to Impress: We are true believers in the saying “Look Good, Feel Good” and we find it very valuable to keep this in mind when working from home. We don’t recommend staying in your PJs all day or even simply throwing on a baggy hoodie. As with our first step, keep your routine the same, which includes getting dressed as if you were going to see your colleagues and clients. Remember, you are going to be seeing them on video chats. This will help you feel ready to work and help keep your mindset positive while you are at home and have work to do.

3. Take Appropriate Breaks & Lunches: Sticking to our theme of keeping the same routine, think about your normal day at the office … you take 15-minute breaks throughout the day, so make sure you are doing that at home too. It’s just different because we can be very productive on these new at-home breaks, throw a load of laundry in, do your dishes, maybe even dust those shelves that have been neglected for weeks. Or, better yet, go for a walk in your neighborhood. 

We’ve noticed more people are out and about (of course at a distance) than normal so it’s a time to wave or say hello to a neighbor you’ve never met. Lunch is variable, I know for me personally sometimes I do eat lunch at my desk and work right through it, but in these different times we recommend truly taking a lunch break. Shut your computer, go into your kitchen to whip up your lunch and then sit down and eat. Maybe this is a good time to do those social media scrolls and catch up with your friends via whatever digital means you prefer—this will help you refrain from these distractions when you have allocated time to get work done. Then get back to work and notice that you feel refreshed.

4. Over-Communicate with Your Team & Clients: This might be the hardest part to get adjusted to. For us at TWIO, we are a small, close-knit group so we are used to working in small teams on various projects and talking to each other all the time, maybe too much of the time. This might be a good time to set up recurring Google hangout meetings where you can see and talk to each other. 

Keep these to quick-hitting 15-minute calls just to check in with each other and feel connected and to see where tasks and projects stand. Send a few additional emails to your clients just to let them know that you are here and available to support anything they may need even if they just want to chat. At TWIO, we are committed to having an everyday 9 AM video team meeting just to touch base and kick off the day together. 

5. Self Care - At TWIO, we are a group of outdoor enthusiasts and we need our time outside, getting our heart rate up to keep our bodies and minds calm. There are all kinds of silver linings that will surface. Working from home allows us extra minutes in our day that add up and allows us time for ourselves. We aren’t spending time commuting and we are able to give that time back to ourselves so commit to doing something for yourself that helps you feel recharged. 

For me personally, riding my bike is what helps my mind, for some of my colleagues going for walks/runs with their dogs helps. Others are looking into online yoga classes. Our favorite local SLC yoga studio, SEEK, is now offering monthly online classes, we highly recommend committing to doing something once a day for yourself. A better you equals a better community and we are in this together so let’s use this time to form some new healthy and productive habits. 

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