Thought Leadership: The Key to Brand Credibility
January 30, 2020

By Arielle Gordon-Rowe, TWIO Copywriter and Brand Strategist

In today’s marketing world, gaining credibility is key. You may be wondering how companies go about doing this. For starters, they demonstrate experience in their industry by showcasing the successes they’ve achieved. This can be executed across myriad platforms—from social media, to the company’s website, to ads to video testimonials. 

However, gaining credibility and consumer trust requires much more than merely highlighting your company’s successes. Credibility comes from demonstrating a mastery of a certain skill or superior knowledge within your market sector. This is where content development comes in. Writing about current issues in your industry illustrates thought leadership and ultimately bolsters consumer perception of your company. Why does this matter? Well, because consumers are more likely to work with brands they trust and view as industry leaders.

Think about it this way: If you are a small business owner looking to avoid tax issues, you want a lawyer you can trust who has demonstrated expertise in state and federal tax law. In addition to reading the attorney’s bio on a firm’s website, you may turn to alternate sources to get a better picture of the attorney’s accolades and reputation. Is the attorney in question contributing thoughtfully to current conversations about tax issues? Are they publishing on LinkedIn or getting included in respected legal publications? If they are, you will probably be more inclined to have them represent your business.

Here’s where TWIO comes in: Our writers work with individuals—such as attorneys—from companies to help them nail down topics that demonstrate thought leadership within their company’s industry. Next, we work with these individuals collaboratively: they provide specialized knowledge on the topic of choice, we bring our word-smithing and editing skills, and together we produce compelling articles to publish in sources we determine as relevant to the company’s audience. We then deploy these articles across social media platforms—including Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn—and this generates increased awareness and trust in their brand among an ever-expanding network.

The bottom line: Establishing brand credibility is no simple task. It takes proving your company's efficacy and demonstrating thought leadership, which is an art form in its own right.

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