Virtual Learning and Working: Adapting to new Rhythms

Roll Up Your Sleeves Series
April 13, 2021

So the new normal for the time being has my work life and my kids' school-life running in parallel.

The commonality is the lack of face-to-face experience, now replaced with video chat, emails, online learning management systems and texts.

The other important element for all of us is self-motivation and doing things on our own schedules.

I'm an office guy. I like going into work. I like interacting with my team in person as that's how you get a true sense of how everyone is doing. TWIO is a family and we make all of our business decisions through the lens of how we provide for our family.

But reality and real-life shit is getting in the way of my routine that really worked for me (and my kids). School was fun for them. They were into the structure, the relationships with both their friends, other peers and their teachers. That is a huge part of learning. Work was the same for me.

Even though we cannot be working in the same place, we can still see each other. We are trying to turn everyday, routine project discussions into a virtual learning opportunity. Seeing each other is key in our opinion.

So where does that leave us ... back to routine. One thing TWIO is doing religiously every day is a 9am full team Google Hangout. Every day a different team member leads the discussion. Some come with words of encouragement, what they're thankful for; others want to talk about music, food, exercise. And then there is still the laser focus on servicing our clients even more than when things were "normal."

Figure out what works best for you and your team, your family, your friends. I've found a new routine that seems to be working. Seek connection, use technology and stay safe.

I'm looking forward to a new, old routine where we can come together in person when things re-open.