7 things you should never say to a graphic designer
October 7, 2016
  1. “We don’t have the copy, but you can get started on the design”

Designers depend on the content to dictate what the design will look like. Think of it as the blueprints to the design. Mocking up a look and feel is one thing, but to try to design a finished product with no content is very inefficient for everyone.

  1. “Can I get you to do something real quick?”

Most people only see the finished product rather than the process it takes to create something that is truly designed. I can promise you — it’s anything but quick if something is designed. Have realistic expectations on timing, rather than assuming it should be a quick task.

  1. “Just make it pop”

I understand that design is unchartered waters for most people; however, designers are visual people and need you to be specific when it comes to feedback and direction.

The Internet is full of inspirational websites: designspiration, abuduzeedo and Pinterest, just to name a few; these can help in communicating a design direction or feedback.

  1. “It looks a little bare. Can we make everything bigger?”

Making everything bigger will not solve your design challenge or business objective.

The eye needs white space in order to focus and comprehend content. Simplicity and reduction are two key players in communicating ideas. By letting the design breathe, it allows the consumer to process the content with ease.

  1. “You charge what? I can find someone to do it cheaper”

“Good work isn’t cheap, and cheap work isn’t good.” It’s that simple. Research, exploration and refinement are all part of the process. If you want quality work it’s gonna cost you.

  1. “I think we should do this.”

My response to this is “why?” If you can’t tell me why you think this is a good idea, odds are it is just an idea, but not necessarily the right one. Designers question everything — it’s how we get to the core of the problem. A fellow colleague compared it to telling a lawyer how to run your case. Feedback it appreciated, but let the designer do his / her job you will be much happier with your finished product.

  1. “Revisions are free, right?”

Time is money, people. The number of allotted revisions should be included in the scope of work so expectations are clear.

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