The Value of Companies Supporting Working Mothers
February 27, 2020

By Carly Driscoll, TWIO Digital Marketing Director

Of all the jobs or titles I hold,—digital marketer, manager, friend, sister, daughter, wife and mom—being a role model for my kids is my number one priority. With that always top of mind, the 9-5 is what pays the bills, offers the insurance and the 401k, and provides security for our family. Over the course of the last three years, I have gone from single, to married with no kids, to quickly having two little kiddos. Going through that entire process while working here at TWIO Brand, it has become more apparent than ever that having those in charge support my work-life balance is vital.

Anyone who ever said that as long as your work and personal life have structure, balance will magically happen, probably does not have a family to add into the mix and views adult life from a different perspective. They say you get out what you put in with regards to anything in life and I do believe that wholeheartedly. However, as we grow older and our actions, successes and failures affect the little beings that we bring into this world, a lot more pressure and layers of complexity exist.

I feel extremely fortunate to be working at a company with an owner that has the utmost respect for women and has shown me this as I find my balance while transitioning to being a working mom. This flexibility and respect coming from top level management has proven to be more valuable than anything else.

Photo: Josh meeting Layla, my eldest, when she was only two days old. Josh is committed to family first and has been nothing but supportive as he has taken care of me through my pregnancies, maternity leave and now as a working mom.

My relationship with my boss has had many ups and downs over the course of nearly six years working together and I will not sugar coat this as if it has been smooth sailing the whole time. What I have learned most in the past two years is that when I approach hard topics and situations with open and honest conversations, respect is earned. 

By choosing the harder, higher road and being humbly direct with my boss, we are now stronger friends and colleagues. This allows us to continue to grow this company into its 22nd and most thriving year of business.

Photo: What working mom life sometimes looks like … all the computers, bottles and babies. Multitasking is real

The business world is complicated and can be messy. There will be hard times and there will be smooth times, but being able to stay motivated and troubleshoot have become my biggest strengths as a working mom. Parenting has brought this new perspective into my professional life as I reflect upon how my actions are a true example of what my kids are seeing and being shaped by. 

When I get together with my mom-friends, I hear a spectrum of stories about navigating being a working mother. Some of them have extremely difficult times doing simple things like taking their children to doctors’ appointments because their bosses fundamentally do not respect or understand the demands of being a working mother. I feel tremendously lucky to work in the environment that I do. At TWIO, not only am I supported in my endeavors as a mother and a professional, but I can bring the things I learn as a parent to strengthen my relationships with my coworkers and clients.

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