The Power of Storytelling when Building a Brand
September 19, 2019

Arielle Gordon-Rowe is the Copywriter and Brand Strategist here at TWIO.  Between contributing articles to various ski magazines, hosting her own radio talk show, and dabbling in journalism, writing has always been the lens through which she makes sense of the world. Through these experiences, Arielle has known that storytelling is a powerful tool to articulate identity—be it the identity of an individual, a community, or a brand.

However, until she began working at TWIO, Arielle was unaware of the power of storytelling to shape a company’s identity and drive it’s brand. As a copywriter, she spends every day wordsmithing; handpicking words in an effort to capture the essence of the brand TWIO is attempting to build. As with any craft, this takes practiced technique, attention to detail, and the ability to think creatively.

While copywriting is her profession, Arielle knows that many people who aren’t copywriters are tasked with writing promotional or brand material, and that this can be daunting. For this reason, we asked her to compose a list of three pieces of advice for anyone attempting to build a verbal brand or write brand-oriented copy:

  1. Write the company’s story in a paragraph. 

Getting a written history down on paper will allow you to establish a story consumers can associate with a brand. Furthermore, from a writing standpoint, it clarifies in your own head the essential aspects of a brand.

  1. Come up with a list of key-words. 

These should be key-words sourced from internal and external players at a company that reflect the organization. These words will serve as a starting point and allow for important determinations of which elements of a company’s identity you want to retain or get rid of when revitalizing it’s brand.

  1. Write a mission statement. 

The mission statement should incorporate the defining components of the brand you are developing. It will also drive all copy you write for the brand and serve as a roadmap for others writing company copy in the future.

The bottom line: Language can make or break a brand’s image. A company can have amazing products, but without the proper story, it’s brand won’t have the optimal resonance with consumers.

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