Staying Relevant
November 13, 2019

By Josh Footer, Managing Partner

TWIO has been in business since late 1998. I’ve been with the company since September 13, 1999 and had my 20-year anniversary last month. I’m super lucky in that I’ve had a chance to work with amazing people, complete assholes, thieves and just about everything in between. There have been a lot of lessons learned in my 20 years … some more expensive than others, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

The Company has had 4 iterations … New Moon Media to Vanguard Media Group to TWIO Brand and now to just TWIO. With each name change, we evolved to stay relevant. While I have been the constant over the history of the company, we changed, I changed, we morphed, I morphed because the needs of our clients and the needs of their businesses demanded it.

One of those assholes I mentioned earlier gave me some amazing advice back in my early New Moon Media years which was, “You don’t want to be the smartest person in the unemployment line.” For whatever reason, that really stuck with me and taught me to be flexible. That flexibility has helped TWIO stay relevant. 

When frustrated that the client isn’t listening, look at things through their perspective. That advice helps me hit the pause button and change course to find an answer that works for the client. Because at the end of the day, if we can’t do that, we can’t be successful. If you’re not successful, you’re not relevant.

The other thing that keeps you relevant is your people. Bill Cutting, the founder of the company, was an amazing mentor to me both professionally and personally. The brand process he built for TWIO was pure genius in that it has grown, evolved and is malleable to the needs of our clients if you remember one simple thing: Understand what the client is trying to achieve, and the brand process produces each and every time. This has kept us relevant and been the springboard for everything else TWIO does.

Our people are diverse — strong, dedicated, hardworking, corporate, not-so-corporate, vulnerable, even-keeled, smart, sometimes less-smart, emotional, competitive, balanced, enthusiastic, reserved, humble, fiery, focused, talented, loving. I learn from them every day how to be more professional. That keeps you relevant.

At the end of the day, make sure you like what you do. Now in my 21st year, I’m really digging the gig. It is hard, rewarding, sometimes stressful and I’m doing new things most days I’ve never done before. That makes me feel relevant.

To everyone—clients, partners, employees, vendors, friends, foes—who have been a part of TWIO’s journey, thank you. Here’s to staying relevant.

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