Project Managing with Purpose
October 7, 2019

TWIO Brand has a diverse set of clients, and our processes are constantly evolving to fit their needs. As Project Coordinator, the key to successfully overseeing a project is having a clear process and staying organized. The process will evolve to fit the client’s preferences but the outline remains the same. If you follow this process for each client, you no longer need to worry about steps and instead can direct your focus toward keeping the project organized and the client happy. Below are three steps that I follow for each project. Each step has helped drastically with keeping a clear objective and successfully executing the project from start to finish. 

Establish a Clear Vision 

The first step in any project is meeting with the client and establishing a clear understanding of their vision and why they chose you for this project. Once you know your role in the project and what outcome the client is hoping for, it is much easier to create a roadmap for how you will execute it. 

Create a Timeline 

Establishing a timeline with the client and making sure that their expectations are being met through the timing is crucial to the success of the project. Not only does it establish a clear finish line for the project, but also, it holds you and you partners accountable. If due dates are established from the beginning, it keeps the project moving and eliminates gray areas as to when items should be complete. 

Stay Organized

Keeping everything in one place and making sure that each item is easily accessible is crucial to the success of the project. There are several moving parts in projects and if the items are organized then it is one less thing to worry about. Having a clear digital home for each project takes away the guessing game of finding assets down the road for reference. You know exactly where the item lives and this saves you time and effort in the future. 

These three simple steps may seem straightforward, but if they are followed from the beginning when working on a project, the success of your project is much more attainable.

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