Pando: Bringing Entrepreneurial Minds Together in the Mountains
May 10, 2021

This winter we had the opportunity to collaborate on a rebrand with Pando, an entrepreneurial community nestled in the mountains of Park City, Utah. Pando is a 501(c)3 organization that empowers entrepreneurs, thought leaders, and change-makers in the mountains through effective targeted programming.

  • EST. 2014
  • 140 + Members
  • 15+ Partners


A New Phase of Pando’s Evolution.

Internal Qualitative Research & Interviews

We began building the brand foundation by employing the same rigorous research process that we always use with new clients. The TWIO team conducted two group interviews with key stakeholders at Pando to get a sense of internal perceptions of the organization and to find opportunities for evolution. During these interviews, we explored who Pando is and the organization's unique value proposition. 

Creative Conversations Via Zoom | Moodboarding

The client wanted a more contemporary visual identity that felt mature and reflective of their members’ surroundings and passions. In these initial conversations, our design experts developed an understanding of how to create a visual identity that provided a basis for growth and flexibility as the brand evolves. 

During these conversations, we explored colors, textures, typography, and symbols that could be used as elements to project a sense of “place”. Utah’s mountains, skies, trees, and tones emerged as major components of the new visual identity.

Articulating the Pando Ecosystem

After our initial group interviews and creative conversations, the TWIO team went to work telling Pando’s story as an organization by verbally and visually representing its symbolic roots.

In the context of the natural world, Pando, or “Quaking Aspen”, is believed to be the largest, most dense organism ever. This 13 million pound aspen clone spreads over 106 acres in central Utah, consisting of over 40,000 individual trees. (USDA Forest Service). Similar to the Pando organism, the Pando organization strives to build connections, bringing individuals, businesses, and ideas together in the mountain community.


Verbal Brand Development

As a small business working closely with partnering firms, the TWIO team understands firsthand the value of a community like Pando, and its ability to facilitate knowledge-sharing within the mountain community. 

Our understanding of Pando’s value proposition combined with our thorough research allowed us to develop an authentic verbal brand identity that resonates with the correct audiences. We developed and documented Pando’s new verbal identity in a Brand Report, which provided Pando with revitalized verbal brand elements, including mission, vision, and values.

Additionally, the TWIO team imagined a new-and-improved voice and tone that complement Pando’s mission in a genuine, accurate fashion. We provided the client with a few social media posts to showcase the brand’s voice and tone. 

Visual Brand Development

Finally, our creative team—composed of brand strategists, writers, and graphic designers—came together to develop a visual brand identity that accurately represents Pando as an organization. Our designers drew inspiration from the Pando organism and Utah’s natural landscape to create a fresh, aesthetically-pleasing visual brand identity.

  • Website Assets
  • Logo
  • Wordmark
  • Symbol
  • Color Palette
  • Typography

Our creative team derived design inspiration from the lines on the Pando tree. We also integrated topographic lines reminiscent of the Park City mountainscape Pando calls home.

“Working with TWIO is great because they are a boutique firm with a network of valued partners, which makes them uniquely positioned to understand our ethos of entrepreneurship, connection, and symbiotic growth. They were responsive, knowledgeable, and frankly, fun to work with.” - Mike Cremeno


The TWIO Team is looking forward to continuing our partnership with Pando during the next phase of our project: Activation. During this upcoming phase, we will provide ongoing marketing consulting, including brand management, content development, social media marketing, email marketing, graphic design, and comprehensive marketing planning.

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