Fostering a Strategic Social Media Program
July 22, 2016

Social Media is becoming the go to place for mainstream marketing efforts, Yes! Social Media is as easy as gathering photos and then posting, sharing or tweeting them out to the world, not so fast!

In today's fast paced world, people are seeking a majority of their "update consumption" via their social channels.  Social outlets aggregate news, sports teams, movie stars, friends and family, plus gives you a medium to which you can share what is happening in your world. It's a brave new world. As you know there are multiple channels to choose from and we all probably have our two favorite channels. Facebook is the number one player and driving the social media market followed by Instagram (owned by Facebook). Then you have Twitter, Snapchat, Periscope, Pinterest, Steller, and the list goes on. Add on all the apps to go along with the social platforms to help edit and create unique content as well as plan or schedule your posts: Flipagram, Camera+, Instant Articles, FB Messenger, Hootsuite, Tweetdeck, Social Sprout, and on and on. You now have a whole folder on your iPhone & Tablet dedicated solely to social media and it’s probably one of the most opened.


We’re here to help you navigate all the outlets and build a strategic social media strategy that will help get you started, organized, and stay ahead of the game. Whether you’re a brand, small business owner, corporation, e-commerce company, photographer or anywhere in between these are our 8 things we’ve learned along the way that help us create strategic and streamlined social media programs that drive new clients into your door.

  1. Choose Channels that align with the business objectives:

Do your research and make sure you understand each social channel and how it is unique and different from the others. For example, we know that Facebook tends to have an older demographic. Every day more and more social channels pop up that we are seeing the millennials using. Each channel has a specific reach, format, and audience. Identify the type of content you will be sharing and what kind of messaging you will be using. This will vary depending on your business objective.

  1. Organize, Organize, Organize:

Once you know which channels you’ll be focusing on and what type of message you want to deliver its time to get to work on organizing and laying out the content that will be published. We use Google Documents to build out our “Program Action Plans” for clients so we can share relevant content as it relates to the client's business objective.

  1. Create a Content Hub to hold & organize images:

At TWIO Brand we build a main Content Hub for each client and divide that content into folders for specific posts as it relates to the social strategy. Through Google Drive, our Program Action Plans and Content Hubs are stored, making it easy to access. We cannot stress enough how important the organization of your images is. It's important to keep track of images you’ve previously posted and ones that still need to be posted.

  1. Develop a Communication Protocol:

In order for a social media campaign to be successful there needs to be a strong and consistent communication stream between you and your clients. We establish our point of contact and set up bi-weekly calls to go over the content we have planned. During these calls we also confirm that all the assets are in place and we are on target with meeting the business objectives. It is a collaborative effort, when the client is actively involved, we see the best results. We are an extension of your brand, not only for publishing rich content but also for monitoring and engaging with the audiences on a regular basis.

  1. Plan out specific posts for each channel

It is important to know and understand the difference between each social channel. Once you know which ones you want to spend the most time on, be sure to adjust the content to fit those demographics in order to reach the right audience at the right time. One of our current and long time clients is Hoopes Events, a wedding and event planning company. We found that Facebook and Instagram is where we see the most engagement, so we focus on those two channels. We also have a very strong Pinterest page that we also link into Facebook for cross channel promotions.


  1. Choose a trusted scheduling application:

When you are managing social media for a client it is important to stay engaged and work closely with the client contact to make sure the business is being represented properly. All businesses have busy times and slow times. Providing consistent and meaningful content during different eps and flows of the business cycles is extremely important and specific for each client. Social media can be extremely overwhelming so we cannot stress enough how important it is to get ahead of the game on your scheduling. Taking time to be organized and getting posts scheduled out will help maintain a constant feed. We use Hootsuite to schedule our posts, monitor, engage, and work internally.

  1. Monitor, Engage, Listen, & Watch:

Hootsuite helps us keep up to date with industry trends through monitoring and watching specific channels, as well as popular hashtags all in one location. We can respond to comments on our own channel and keep up to date with what others are posting. We schedule our posts and watch customized streams that we create to stay current with the key influencers, athletes, and competitors.

  1. Engage with competitors, vendors, and key influencers:

Lastly, and one thing that a lot of people forget or simply don’t have time for is engaging with your vendors, wedding planners, clients, competitors and key influencers. If you are able to get organized and schedule posts ahead of time you can enjoy your cup of coffee each morning and spend that time engaging. Simply commenting, liking and even sharing others content is so important because your name appears in their feeds to their followers which in turns can turn into more followers for you.

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