Fitting Design Styles and Elements with Client’s Needs and Preferences
December 10, 2019

By TWIO Graphic Designer, Kingmond Tang

As a Graphic Designer for TWIO, I have the opportunity to work with many different clients and companies. Every person has their own preferred style, and every company has their own brand. Using my experience working in the design field, I try to give the client the tools necessary to showcase their blend of style and content.

Working with different clients every day, it can be a challenge to fit my personal style with that of the client and their brand. I find it is essential to have clear guidelines as to what the client’s needs are and what type of content they want. There are a few things that I find important in creating the right design for the right client.

What is the client’s business and what makes it unique in their industry? What are the company values? Who is their target audience? What type of feel does the client want the design to have? What are some examples of work the client gravitates toward? What message do they want to deliver with this project? What specific goal do they want to achieve with this project? For example, do they want to “drive more website traffic” or “generate more sales”?

After gathering this information, it makes my job much easier and gives me direction for the project. With a better understanding of the client’s needs, preferences, and goals, I can narrow down the specifics of the message the client wants to send and get the design that fits their needs and style.

Just as a chef would ask how you like your steak prepared, I discuss with clients their thoughts on design and their preferred style, color, and message. The more insight I can get from the client, the more powerful the project can become, and I can share in the passion that drives their business and nail down exactly what they would like to achieve.

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