Establishing Trust in a Client-Vendor Partnership
March 5, 2020

By Alan Stein, TWIO Partner

Here at TWIO, we work with companies of all sizes that specialize in a range of industries—from mom and pop brands to biotech startups to fortune 500’s. Across the board—no matter the size of the company or its industry—the people who work at these companies are passionate individuals who strive for excellence.

Being emotionally invested is an amazing quality to have as a professional, but it can also be a double-edged sword when you are partnering with other companies to achieve a specific objective. Putting passion and hard work into your company is crucial to its success and vitality. However, sometimes people become so emotionally attached that they overlook the advice of the partners they have hired and consequently forfeit the opportunity to benefit from their expertise.

Here are a few pieces of advice to ensure that you a) hire a trusted vendor to help you enhance your brand and b) allow them to do their job properly:

1. Hire people that you trust.

Choose to partner with a firm that conducts business relationships with integrity. Make sure you work with personable people that you have a good rapport with. This will enable you to collaborate with kindness, empathy, and compassion, which, in turn, will optimize your processes and work outcomes.

2. Trust in the processes of your partner firm.

Marketing is a complex field that involves implementing specific strategies. Often, marketing strategies require time to take effect and increase a brand’s profitability. Sometimes, clients can be reluctant to invest in services like digital marketing because it takes a while to see visible ROI.

However, most good agencies have specific methods that apply to myriad services that are time-tested and successful. In order for these to work, it is critical that clients trust in the process and do not interfere by producing alternative content or halting strategies before they come to fruition.

3. Set expectations to avoid micromanaging.

When working with a vendor, it is key to set measurable goals, objectives and to establish your vision from the outset. People are not telepathic. They need initial guidance to produce work that will meet your expectations. Thus, it is crucial to set these expectations clearly at the beginning and then allow your partnering firm to work without interference and constant nitpicking.

4. Establish an open line of communication.

Once you have heeded the advice in tip one, this step should be relatively feasible. If you vet the companies you work with and ensure that your values and work approaches align, then open dialogue should be easy. Do not hesitate to reach out to those you work with, and make sure you state your expectations clearly so that they will be met.

We are all familiar with the phenomenon of overprotecting work projects we are passionate about. In these situations, we have a tendency to micromanage processes and those involved. When working with partner firms, it is crucial to resist the urge to interject and allow them to contribute their expertise. Allowing your partner firm to execute their processes fully and without interference will ultimately bolster the success of the project in the long run.

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