Drew's Bike Refurbishing Project
April 27, 2020

As we've been at home for a while now, I've taken the opportunity to work on some projects that I've wanted to get to for quite some time. I've had my dad's old Cannondale road bike frame from the nineties sitting in my shed for a few years with the paint chipping away. My roommate and I decided we should refinish the frame and take all the components off an old road bike that is now too small and put them on my dad's freshly painted frame.

We started off by stripping the paint and deciding how to repaint it. We've been drinking a lot of beer from Shades Brewing lately, and love the simplicity of their can graphics. We decided that their Misdirected IPA (which is very delicious by the way) had the right colors. I took my knowledge of branding from my time at TWIO and the photoshop skills I've honed over the past couple years and put together a design mockup of the final frame paint. From there, we picked out colors at the paint store and got to work.

We hit up Shades via instagram to see if they had any stickers of their logo. Luckily, they were nice enough to hook us up with a few die-cuts. We used these to mask off the light green, then painted over it with the dark green. It took three primer coats, three coats of light green, two coats of dark green and three clear coats to get the final finish.

After that we started pulling parts off the old, too-small road bike and began transferring them to the freshly painted Cannondale. We've gotten about a third of the parts transferred so far, and the bike is looking great! Stay tuned for the finished product in the coming weeks.

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