Curating Your Social Media
February 12, 2020

By: Liz Dobbins

Everyone can “do” social media: post a picture, add a caption, like, comment, etc. But, if we are being honest, not everyone can do it well. What draws an audience to an account is either a connection to a company or seeing a beautiful, engaging feed. Your grid is your draw in and instant marketing tool. But how do you curate your feed to capture your audience's attention while being authentic to your brand? Easy. Follow these six rules and get the feed everyone envies.

1. Be deliberate.

Don’t post just to post. A curated feed has a purpose behind every image and caption. Plan in advance what your posts will be for the week and when you’ll post them. They should all be on-brand and portray the image you want your audience to see.

2. Cater to your audience.

Before you can begin to plan your content, you will need to know who you are trying to reach. If your target audience is women spa-goers between the ages of 30 and 50, don’t post about the latest hockey game. A few of them might care, but, best case, a majority will keep scrolling and worst case you will lose followers. So, it’s important to keep your prospective audience’s interests in mind. 

3. Snake it.

With your audience in mind and your weekly planning in progress, make sure you also have a pattern you follow. You can think of your feed as a designed grid. 

For example: 1 2 1 3 4 1 repeat

Each of those numbers represents the type of image or message you are sending. Snake this pattern throughout your feed. When someone comes across your page, with no knowledge of your business, what will attract them is the look of the page. Sometimes the flow and pattern are apparent, other times it comes across subconsciously. But that pattern helps prevent your grid from seeming cluttered.

4. Share others’ content.

Constantly coming up with new and fresh content can be time consuming and tedious. Sharing others' content is a great way to get that content while also promoting a connection to your company. And, odds are, if you share their content they will share yours in return, boosting your engagement. Now I wouldn’t go as far as sharing a competitor's post, but, say, a client? Absolutely.

5. Reuse your own content.

Another way to help with your content rut is using some of your old stuff. However, use this wisely. Don’t post the same picture within the same week. But, say you have some great website content that could work on your social page, share it! 

6. Get to the point and save your audience time.

A final rule to follow when creating curated content is time. Save your audience time. There is a time and place for word essays, prolific revelations and feature articles. Social media is not one of them. You’ve got less than three seconds to get to your audience before they keep scrolling. Get your message across in as few sentences and words as possible. If the “see more” button pops up, it’s too long.

Voice, thought, pattern and conciseness. These are the important things to take away. By following these rules, you will not only have a beautiful grid, but you will also gain followers, engagement and, most importantly, business. Social media will become your easiest and quickest way to market to your audience, if you put in the work.

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