Creating Brands with Human Connections
February 21, 2020

By Brandon Fratto

TWIO’s Creative Director, wants you to stop calling a brand’s identity its logo. After a brief hiatus working at a few in-house gigs for outdoor brands (Pret Helmets and Barebones Living) Brandon returned to TWIO in 2020 to remind everyone that the letters you see are typography, and brands just want to have fun. 

Just like developing a new relationship with a person, developing a brand is a matter of listening well and being able to translate a story into a connection. Another way to think of this is in terms of a dating site. Consider what your brand would want to say in its bio—for example: Who is your brand? How does it like to pass the time? Does it have a favorite color, or a very meaningful connection to an array of colors? Most importantly, who would your brand like to meet?

Understanding what your audience wants and needs is the first key to building your brand. Knowing who you want your brand to “date” will give you as much guidance in developing your brand’s identity as what your brand actually brings to the relationship. What does this mean? This means you need to look at data, identify patterns, and finally, create the connection that ties the data to your customer. 

Our charge as creatives and marketers is to build human-centric brands that develop and foster meaningful human connections. Once you’ve figured out what your connection is and you understand your audience’s values, you can strengthen the relationship through authentic content and brand storytelling. When your customers “date” your brand and experience an emotional connection, they walk away as advocates wanting to take your brand home to meet their mothers. 

The top three rules to building your brand’s dating profile:

1. Be the architect and write that brand’s bio (the fun part)

2. Work from data, but don’t lose sight of the human element

3. Use storytelling in all its forms to connect emotionally

To hear more about brand identities, fostering human connections, and Brandon’s views on designing in Salt Lake City, head over to Design Lake City, a Utah-based podcast on all things design:

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