Adapting Tones: Humanizing Content on Social Media
June 12, 2020

When it comes to social media marketing, the best way to connect with your customers is to make them feel welcomed, heard, understood and appreciated. How you achieve those aspects comes down to how you speak and engage with your consumers. Your brand should not only have its own voice, but its own tone. 

There are a lot of things to consider when deciding on your tone. So how do you decide what it will be? Are you formal or casual? Are you serious or lighthearted? Keep in mind that social media has been a tool that enables brands to be more conversational with consumers. The use of humor and every day language often gives companies a new route for connection, and a new way to show who they are as a company.

Lately, people are drawn to nonconventional marketing tools. According to Forbes, 84% of millennials don’t trust traditional advertising, which means it comes down to not only your content, but your tone to attract their attention and keep it. The more creative and nuanced, the better.

So how do we successfully nail our tone? There are a handful of key components that come into play when honing in on your tone. Consistency and distinction in your tone are the elements that will become the backbone of how you approach your audience. Choosing a tone that reflects your brand, conveys your messaging clearly, and specifically fits your company values can be difficult at first, but I promise, it’s possible and instrumental to your digital marketing success. 

As the social media manager for one of our clients—which is a ski brand—I make sure to use a tone that is simultaneously casual, aspirational and emotional. While the company is trying to push the products, it's important to find the balance between showcasing the reliability, stability and high quality of the products while also exhibiting the experience their products enable people to have while out in the mountains. Skiing is about fun, nature and being with your friends and families.

Capturing the voice of this brand means understanding that the voice cannot be exclusively technical all the time. It is better to evoke emotions, nostalgia, happiness and reflection on good times. I aim to capture a tone for the company that says, “We are fellow skiers, we get it, we understand what you want out of your mountain experience, and we’re here to make your time on the hill the best it can possibly be.”

The key is focusing on how you want your words to make people feel. How you word things is how people will remember you, resonate with you and connect with your company. Humanizing your tone while aligning it with your company’s mission statement is the key to leveraging new avenues of connection with your audiences. Your tone never has to be stagnant, it can evolve as you learn from trial and error on what messaging is best received. The bottom line: find the balance between positivity and clarity to find a tone for your brand that will resonate authentically with your target audience.

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