4 Things You Should Know about Producing a Trade Show Booth
September 11, 2019

Alan Stein, TWIO's Partner and Strategic Marketing Director, first cut his teeth in event and trade show production while working as a marketing executive at a Fortune 500 company. During his twenty-year tenure as an executive, he oversaw the logistics, coordinated strategy, and performed on-the-ground management for these events. Additionally, he designed a formal lead generation process to ensure his team was able to track attendees and measure the success of the exhibits they produced. 

Since joining TWIO’s leadership two years ago, he has continued to orchestrate trade show booth production and events across the country. He came up with the following four concrete recommendations for anyone endeavoring to exhibit at a trade show:

Outline a Purpose: 

Establish a shared vision with the appropriate people in your organization. Usually this includes representation from leadership, marketing, and sales. Often, organizations look at trade shows as a necessary evil. Companies think, ‘I’m going to spend tons of money and receive no ROI.” It is important for companies to unify around a shared objective. Doing so increases booth value, which ultimately attracts more people and generates more leads.

Think Outside the Box:

You shouldn’t feel like you have to do things the way you’ve always done them or the way others in the industry have done them. Think unconventionally, get creative with exhibit space, and increase leads without spending more resources. For example, the TWIO team recently created an interactive experience focused around a philanthropic cause. The utilization of exhibit space as a venue for this philanthropy increased attendees from previous years and made a meaningful impact in the local community.

Take Lead Generation Seriously

Make sure you have the correct people working the booth to draw conference attendees in organically and consistently. These individuals are typically in sales-related positions. Utilize the appropriate technology and software platforms to measure lead generation, conduct formal training around the booth messaging, and purpose and analyze data to make improvements for future trade shows.

Allocate Resources in a Meaningful Way

There are many strategies to save on costs associated with booth production without compromising on visual brand and booth execution. In today’s world, producing     graphics on fabrics and other materials has become a more cost-effective solution. Rebranding a booth on an annual basis can allow you to avoid shipping hardwall booths with outdated messaging, which can save your organization time and money.

For more information about TWIO’s work at an annual International trade show, read TWIO’s Case Study.

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